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Welcome to Key of Gee  -

Where We Keep You Musically Informed and Entertained.

 Key of Gee (KOG) was started in 1989 as a blog to reach and talk to musicians and others involved in the industry. My electronic magazine (E-zine) was informative listing upcoming events, changes and updates in the music industry as well updates on the health and death of Detroit based entertainers.

Over the years, KOG’s involvement in the business of entertainment has garnered the respect of the music community.  We report on community events, fund raisers and concerts.  We present  new artist and music, podcasts and welcome articles and items of interest from others.  Our goal is  to be a wealth of information to assist the creative/music community.

Key of Gee has branded itself as a credible place to find the info you need. People feel they can be a part of the process. The material is easily accessible and friendly. If you are looking for adult entertainment, Jazz & R&B you can find that in upcoming events. People have also enjoyed reading "Duane Huff presents Musician's Horoscopes" and seeing the lists of birthdays for the month. 

We welcome your comments.

Have A Very Musical Day

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Have A Very Musical Day